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Restraining force yarn/wire etc

  1. Mar 15, 2013 #1
    Hi Everyone,

    Let say I know the force/cm versus elongation relationship for a flat band, and I combine this with the same type band in the perpendicular reaction (crossing each other). If I apply a point force in the middle of the intersection between the two points how do I calculate how much the bands could withstand?

    I have calculated the tension in one band as it corresponds to an angular change due to a constant force, but am having trouble relating the two things to each other.

    Hope someone can help me see the light!

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    Let the horizontal and vertical displacements of the junction be u and v. Calculate the changes in length of the two bands. The force in each band will be oriented in the direction of that band (in the deformed geometry). Resolve each force into its horizontal and vertical components. Then sum the components to get the net force on the junction.
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