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Restricted-access facility

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    Help me please with a term for an object (which may be a building, or a facility, or an institution) that has a limited access and usually contains some classified informaiton.
    It is not related to penitentiary facilities.

    What I'm asking about could be a scientific facility/institution or a military object.
    I do not know if Natinal Laboratories in the U.S. are such objects, but in the RF institutions of the same type are.

    (BTW, in Russian it is режимный объект)
    Would it be a proper term if I say:

    restricted access institution
    security sensitive site

    What is usually used in the U.S.?

    Thank you
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    jim hardy

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    probably its boundary would be posted by signs as restricted area or security area.

    Perhaps it would be referred to in communications as a secure site ?

    somebody work in one who can help him ?

    our commercial nuclear plant had signs that read "security area" but i think that was not an official designation just how our security chief spoke.
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    Google translate does not help here, as you already know. "режимный объект" converts into "custodial facility", which is not used according to my experience.

    I work in buildings and also rooms that contain classified materials. Usually there are signs at the entrances that read "Restricted Access".
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    In the military, when we usually see a restricted area such as an Arms room or a place where intel people work, there's usually a sign that says:


    This reservation has been declared a restricted area by authority of Commanding General, in accordance with provisions of the directive issued by the Secretary of Defense on 20 August 1954, pursuant to the provisions section 21, internal security act 1950. Unauthorized entry prohibited. All persons and vehicles entering hereon are liable to search. Photographs, making notes, drawings,maps or representation of this area or its activities, is prohibited unless, specifically authorized by the Commanding Officer. Any such material found in possession of unauthorized person will be confiscated.

    That's how it would look for a military place.

    So in short Restricted area seems like the correct term.
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    The term "restricted access site" is used, particuarly for areas of sensitive technology.

    NNSA sites are restricted access. For example, "the NNSS is one of the largest restricted access areas in the United States."

    Other DOE facilities are also designated restricted access because of sensitive technology.
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    Thank you guys a ton! That helped a lot!
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