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Homework Help: Resultant force of two ropes

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    two ropes are attatched to a heavy object. the ropes are given to two strong people with instructions for each to pull with 1000N of force. what is the total resultant force if the two women pull..

    in the same direction_________F=2000N

    in opposite direction__________F=0N

    at right angles to each other?_______F=?

    did i do the first two right?
    what would i do for the right angles?
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    Yes, first two parts look right. Use vector geometry for the third part... ie pythagorean theorem.
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    The last one I assume that one is looking down from the top and the ropes are making an angle of ninety degrees with each other. Lets say the ropes are pointing from the heavy object "upwards" (on paper). If one resolve the two 1000 N forces into x- and y-components the x-components will cancel each other out and the y-components will add up.
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