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Homework Help: Resultant force?

  1. Jun 28, 2010 #1
    Resultant force???

    A particle is said to be in static equilibrium if the resultant of all forces is applied to it is zero. Find the force that must be applied to a particle that produces static equilibrium if there are two forces, each of 40N applied so that one acts 60o above the positive x-axis and the other 60 below the negative x-axis.
    Give the magnitude of the resultant acting in the negative x direction.

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    Re: Resultant force???

    Welcome to the PF. You need to show us the Relevant Equations and your Attempt at a Solution, before we can be of tutorial help. What can you say about how to start summing and figuring out the vector equations?
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    Re: Resultant force???

    this is what I was thinking in doing
    Taking the magnitude of the given forces

    llF1^2ll llF2^2ll

    which when plugged in would be something like:


    which will give me a F3=56.57N
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