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Homework Help: Resultant velocity of a plane and a vector addition diagram

  1. Oct 18, 2004 #1
    --An airplane flies at 300 km/hr with a heading of 35* south of west, as a 78 km/hr wind blows in the direction of 55* south of east. The resultant velocity of the plane is...

    --A force of 85 N S50*E, a force of 50 N N45*E, and a force of 70 N N30*W act concurrently on an object. Draw a vector diagram and find the resultant force.

    I've tried to do these, I was absent from school a few days and missed instruction on how to work them out..I'd appreciate any help :smile:
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    If you can use trig to seperate the vectors into perpendicular components (say a northward and a westward component) then you can do componentwise addition.

    You could also use a protractor and a ruler, but it's harder to get precise answers that way.
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    ok i'm still confused.....i'm assuming that was for the 2nd question, does anyone know how to do the first?
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