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Job Skills Resume question

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    I finished my co-op this past Feb after working at a major technology company (think Intel, AMD, IBM, HP, etc) in a pretty specialized field. For my end of term student performance report, I received quite a good response from my manager. In all the competency categories, I received an "outstanding."

    Now, I know some companies that give their interns good marks just to uplift them or make them feel good about themselves and about the company as well, however I don't my manager did this. He said out of all the interns he's had, he hasn't given out 'outstandings' like he has with me.

    Hence, my question is: should I mention this in my resume? Basically saying something that I'm the only intern that has received outstanding in all levels of competencies or would that not matter for a resume?

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    I wouldn't put that you were the only intern to have ever received such grades, but I would certainly put something like 'ranked as "outstanding" by manager'.. or something like that.

    Of course, presumably you'll be asking him for a reference, so he can mention that you are the only person he's ever given an outstanding ranking to in his reference.
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    Is something like this good?

    Those, along with others which I didn't include, were the categories I was rated on.
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    I agree, is best to just leave "outstanding" in the resume. If/when you get called in for an interview for a future application, (which I've no doubt you'll be able to achieve), and only if the interviewing employer asks for you to elaborate on it, then go ahead and explain your efforts. Or, as cristo said, he may get called for a reference and he can explain, himself. Good luck!
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