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Resurgence theory and QFT

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    Hey there

    I'm starting to work on my thesis and this is one possible subject. I'm reading a few papers (pretty much anything that appears on the first google search page) dealing with it from several different angles. From a completely general and mathematical stand to specific examples, like the Borel resummation ambiguity in the double well and how instantons relate to that.

    But I haven't found anything on this forum about it. In fact, besides a few papers here and there I haven't found much at all. So I thought I'd ask here if anyone worked with this or is working right now, and has some advice to give.

    BTW, I didn't know where to put this topic, here or in Quantum Mechanics.
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    Resurgence is a very interesting topic and although I am not working on it directly, it seems to me that it has been generating quite interest recently. It seems to me to be a very worthwhile topic to learn about. You are talking about a Master thesis? Of course, an important factor for you to consider is whether you have someone at your institution who can guide you in your work. You have discussed this with your adviser?
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    PhD thesis. I did talk to an adviser. It's not his primary field but he seems interested.
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