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Retaining Ring Removal

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    This is more of a practical question - what is the proper way to remove the retaining ring shown below? Note that it does not contain lug holes, so I am not sure whether retaining/snap-ring or circlip pliers would be capable of removing the ring.
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    The right way is using a C-clip remover. The easy way is with safety glasses and needle-nose pliers or a small screwdriver.
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    Whatever way you remove it at some stage it will go spoing and you'll spend the next 47 minutes on your hands and knees looking for it.
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    That is commonly called an "e-clip". They slide on/off the shaft sideways.

    Removal can be accomplished two ways:
    1. E-clip removal tools push against the legs (radially or perpendicular to the shaft). Small needle-nose pliers can be used if the clip is large enough.

    1. Insert a small blade screwdriver is into one of the open spaces and twist.

    Drape a rag over the assembly as you are removing the clip, to avoid Jobra's all-too-common scenario. :smile:
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    Good response, pantaz, and good illustrations. I use another method, too, if I can. Grab the back side of the clip (away from the open end) with a tiny pair of needlenose pliers and just pull it off the shaft. A co-worker gave me a Sears gift certificate one year, and I used it on this set of mini-tools. They get 'way more use than I ever expected.

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