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Retake exam?

  1. Sep 29, 2014 #1
    hey everyone so i just took my calc 2 exam and the whole class basically bombed it. the professor is giving us a chance to retake the exam or to keep the score we had the first time around. the exam is on integration by parts, trig sub, trig integrals and partial fractions decomposition. i got a 76/100 the first time and dont know if i should try for a higher grade. the thing is i know how to work the problems out but the exam problems are a bit tricky and can confuse. eg instead of the integral e^2x sin 3x dx he'll put a 26 insde which comes back because u have to multiply the 26 to get back the original integral and it gives very big numbers questioning if u did it right. should i retake the exam in hopes of a higher grade or keep the 76? thanks sorry if this isnt a hw question
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    Doug Huffman

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    Yes, retake the exam. All tests are learning experiences. Look to the Monte Hall three-doors problem.
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    Rule of thumb: If they will only accept the higher score (most do it like this), then ALWAYS retake the test. It can only help!
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