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Retake General GRE?

  1. Jul 16, 2009 #1
    I just took the General GRE and recieved V: 560 Q: 740. Would it be advisable to take it again, or would the improvement in quantitative not matter that much? Thanks for any advice.
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    Depends on where you're going and for what. If it's for physics, I'd say keep what you got (it's definitely not worth the money) because most schools want the Physics GRE and don't even bother with the general GRE. You're writing score may be taken into consideration (you want a 4.5 or above), but the score you have should be good for any mid-upper level programs. The top programs (and most other physics programs) will want the Physics GRE.
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    It is for physics, and I feel like I actually did very well on the writing portion so that should be alright. Thanks for your response; it's hard getting a feel for what carries what weight on applications and what meets the expected standards, especially with the general GRE.
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    No problem. Don't forget to ask your profs for help/advice. They had to go through the same things when they were applying to school and some have even been on the committees that decide these things. That's where I got most of my advice. They pretty much said the General GRE doesn't mean jack if the school requires you to take the physics GRE. Your research experience, grades, recommendations, and personal statement are much more important than the general GRE, but the physics GRE is apparently very important. One of my profs (who had straight As in college, except for 1 B in physics) told me that his biggest mistake was not taking the physics GRE seriously enough, but he ended up getting a PhD from Ohio State anyway, so it's not like he wasn't able to get into anywhere. I've a feeling, though, that with the economy the way it is, things are probably more competitive than they were a few years ago.
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