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Retaking Elementary Analysis

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    So, I took elementary analysis this summer and I got a 'D,' which was very annoying simply because half of our class got 'F's and it would have made such a big difference if my teacher would have just curved the class. Anyways, I'm not interested in taking any other courses which require elementary analysis as a pre-req since I'm doing applied math for my major. However, would it be worth me retaking elementary analysis so that I can get a higher grade than a D in your opinion?

    Here's the course summary: Rigorous treatment of certain topics introduced in calculus including continuity, differentiation and integration, power series, sequences and series, uniform convergence and continuity.
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    Why should the teacher curve the grades to pass students who haven't mastered the material?

    In my opinion, for what it's worth, yes. I would think you would want to understand the basics of analysis if you intend to be an applied mathematician.
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