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Retract Servo?

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    I was browsing a hobby supplies site, and I came across retract servos. What are they? I know what a servo is, but I can't seem to find the definition of a retract servo.

    I've been searching for a while, and I'm sure it's there just staring back at me from the computer screen, but I'm not seeing it. How is a retract servo different from a "standard" servo?
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    Maybe this refers to a servo that will return (retract) to a central position in the absence of a control signal? Just the name sounds like this.

    This would be good in remote control where the flaps of an aircraft could return to the horizontal position if the radio signal was lost.

    Normal servos don't do this.
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    That's a good thought. The only thing I could think of was a servo with an arm that could pull (retract). Your idea makes more sense.
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    I think it refers to a servo that retract the wheels of a hobby aircraft.
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    Thats correct. It wil therefore only make a turn of 180 degrees at once.
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