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Retro Synthetic Analysis

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    can any1 help me????...does any body know how to do retro synthetic analysis????
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    Yes, I have some knowledge about it. Retrosynthetic analysis is done by going from the final product to smaller and cheaper starting materials. Synthons, functional group interconversions and cleavages play a crucial role.

    You may want to view http://www.cmbi.ru.nl/cheminf/ira/strat.shtml [Broken] for a good explanation.

    Tell me an example, and I'll try to solve it for you.
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    It's common sense. I would suggest that you first attempt complex synthetic problems themselves, perhaps the retrosynthetic idea will make sense to you afterwards.
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    Of course, suf7, please try these first in light of the information I gave you, and if you're stuck, call for help. GCT, thanks to you about reminding this.
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    Are you in first semester organic? We just covered this.
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    i am a final year student and am having problems in getting to grips with some problems that i have been set for an assignment, and was wondering if anyone culd help me with them?

    Organic chemistry is my weakness, hence the plea for help?

    would anyone be willing to have a look at the problems and possibly help me?

    any help would be much appreciated!!!!!
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    Send the questions, and we'll discuss them. I won't give the exact answers, but rather make you think about them.
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    i'll post them up asap! - thanks again
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