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Retrovirus and enzyme

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    I am just wondering if this is possible. This might sound super crazy though. I know this sounds like sci-fi. If there is any related articles, I would appreciate if you comment them.

    Retrovirus artificial telomeraes

    first it is required to understand the chemical reactions and biological reactions of telomere and telomerase thoroughly.
    If it is confirmed that the length of telomere has a major effect on human longevity, it must be retained long enough to maintain the cell activity
    this can be implemented by artificial telomerase produced by nano tech.
    it must be based on DNA template -> RNA and Protein central dogma.(must create a new genetic template for enzyme and its restrain factors)
    telomerase’s activity must be regulated or even be terminated by implementing a certain mean.

    once above instruction is achieved, following DNA template can be transplanted by retro virus, and distributed to the cells in the way that retro virus does.

    Then must be stopped at the optimal level(externally or internally)
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    It is not a crazy idea since many scientists have already had it.

    You can find lots of articles about it on the web. E.g. http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Telomerase

    You will see it is not crazy, just over-optimistic and and over-simplistic to think just override the Hayflick limit and you have immortality. Some cells have done this in a cancer and that is what you may get. So it looks like we will have to know a lot more about the complexities of cell and tissue interactions, -as well as the targeting and control you mention. I'd say if you want to dedicate your life to it there is a few decades research for a community of researchers of which you could be a part.

    I had not looked into this before but it seems to me there is also a number of to say the least dubious quacks promising life extension with brochures that use all the impressive-looking molecular biology images, so I hope there will be other comments including about this last point.

    But there is important molecular/cell/biomedical research too.
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