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Returning into Physics

  1. Keep my day time Job?

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  2. Apply ofr a PhD?

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  3. Become an MP or MEP?

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  1. Jun 30, 2006 #1

    I have one 'o' level in Computer studies, I have wrote three or four maths and physics papers on Quarks, Quasars and studied Computational Fluid Dynamics, before getting a job, 20 years ago.

    Recently I published my own 'intrepretation' to the DSE.


    Where can I go to study the electron and learn how to solve the DSE.

    Where can I go or attend an interview or viva, to test my suitability and qualifications?

    I have a simply choice and would appreciate everyones option, after first interviewing me, in person.

    Should I

    Keep my day time job?

    Apply for a PhD?

    Become an MP or MEP?


    Terry Giblin
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  3. Jun 30, 2006 #2


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    Well, what's your day job?

    - Warren
  4. Jun 30, 2006 #3
    I have a few "noobish" questions:

    1) What's DSE ?
    2) What's 'o' level in computer studies ?
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  6. Jul 3, 2006 #5
    IT Consultant, with Companies in Switzerland and UK

    Dear Warren,

    I am an IT consultant, with my own company in Switzerland and the UK, the last job I had was working in a patient office in Switzerland.

    Here are a list of my reference, please refer to my first attachment.

    Allan Roach
    http://www.wipo.int/patent/agenda/en/meetings/2002/speakers/roach.html [Broken]

    Richard Hill

    Colin Tucker
    http://www.morse.com/directors.htm [Broken]


    Lord Derwent,
    http://www.eai.cam.ac.uk/about_derwent.html [Broken]

    John Ashby
    http://www.ajilon.ch/future/index.html [Broken]

    Philippe Foriel-Destezet,
    http://www.adecco.com/Channels/adeccoNewVI/aboutadecco/honorary+president/philippeforiel1.asp [Broken]

    Dame Barbour

    Stephen Hepburn

    I have not yet had the pleasure of meeting Lord Derwent or Philippe Foriel-Destezet, but they are definitely know who I am and our working relationship.

    Prior to forming my own company in England, before moving to Switzerland I use to work for Dame Barbour.

    Stephen Hepburn is my local MP, in Jarrow, who's help I am currently seeking.

    I have also attached a photograph of me and my son, taken 20 years ago, whilst I was studying Maths and Physics, with a poster my greatest mentor in the background.

    I hope everyone can therefore appreciate the honor and respect I felt when I received an invite to attend Loops 05, at the Albert Einstein Institute in Potsdam, Berlin in October 2005.

    I have also included one of my first diagram of my 'interpretation' of the Double Slit Experiment (DSE), which shows and demonstrates that electron's and hence gravity can and should be quantized.

    The Albert Einstein photo-electric effect (experiment) was the first to show and demonstrated that light is quantized - photon's or quanta

    The Terry Giblin double 'split' experiment was the first to show and demonstrates that electrons and hence gravity should be thought of as quantized, not as a particle or string, but in time and multi-dimensions.

    I am still waiting for my prize and recognition from the science community - I can give a similar list of references from Maths and Physics, if required.

    The future's bright.


    Terry Giblin

    NB - In my profession option Richard Hill name is MUD, and I therefore do not wish to damage or reputation or honor of any of my other reference.

    Here is what Richard Hill, say's about me.


    Terry Giblin worked for me for over one year as senior HP UX systems engineer, when I was IT Infrastructure and Operations Manager at
    Orange Communications SA.

    Terry was extremely competent technically, dedicated, and very hard

    Tasks were completed on time and accurately.

    Richard Hill
    6 ch. du Port-Noir
    CH-1207 Geneva

    And the rest is history.

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  7. Jul 4, 2006 #6


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    If you want to enter the academic world, you'll need to drop the whole corporate speak.

    Secondly, I doubt you'll find an opportunity to persue a PhD by posting links to people you know :confused:

    If you're really serious, you should contact leading academics in the field (DSE?) directly, and hope that they don't dismiss your query as spam - in this respect, including multiple links would be bad form.

    Do you have any links to your work? Where were you published?

    What's your profile:
    Code (Text):
    Looking for a job
    Unemployed (Blacklisted)
    Email Username:
    all about?

    Are you being serious?
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  8. Jul 4, 2006 #7
    Dear J77,

    I am deadly serious, the list I provided are of my references.

    So who are the recognised experts in the Double Slit Experiment?

    Where can I go to study something that has never been solved?

    If and when my solution to the DSE is accepted, does that not make me the new expert in the field?

    As anti_crank said, if you publish something which disagrees with the accepted understanding of the DSE, you will be published.

    I do not disagree with the DSE, my solution simply makes us look at understanding and interpretation of what we understand about our basic concepts that is why it is taking so long for my idea to be accepted.

    No body likes to be told that their ideas and the theories which they have accepted for over hundreds are misguided.

    I have now been trying for the past 2 years, travelling to all the major universities and research institutes in England and Europe discussing my ideas with mathematicians and physicists.

    Everyone accepts what I have said is true and correct but do not appear to see the significance of what I have been trying to say. I too am guilty, it was not until I wrote my last reply that I appreciated the significance of what had discovered and perhaps is the main reason why I was invited to Loops 05. By introducing the first quantum well and then realizing that I could introduce an infinite number, was the first time we had proof and experiment which clearly showed electrons and hence gravity, is quantized - Quantum Gravity.

    Unfortunately as I have discovered to my cost, science is just like any other business, if any unknown comes up with an excellent idea there is no shortage of people how are willing to pretend that it is not a good idea only to use it and pretend it was their own idea.

    I do not deny that many physicists and mathematicians have been working on strings and quantum gravity for many years, I was very impressed with many lectures given at various conferences including Solvay, Strings and Loops over the years but as in the case of black holes and fluid dynamics, we should remember the mathematics is only tool, which can give false and misguided answers.

    Singularities do not exist, worm holes do not exist, in nature, even if we the mathematics says that they should, it is only our personal interpretation that they are allowed.

    Turn the question on its head, when was the last open and frank discussion held in Physics or Mathematics, including people from outside like myself, with camera's present.

    Which is easier, to persuade 6 Billion people of an idea or to convince the 500 or so leaders or experts in the field. But what do you do when the 500 rather than have an open and frank discussion simply decide amongst themselves to quarantine you.

    I went to Loops 05 in the hope of getting an answer, to what everyone thinks is a simple question, yet no one would accepted my challenge to tell me what an electron is and to win at chess.

    I worked out nearly 20 years ago, the answer to number 42 - What is the question and I have spent the last 20 years working out, who the mice are, they can save the planet far easier than solving 42.

    Convincing 500 mice is easier than converting 6 Billion people's options, unless the mice refuse to speak to you under any circumstances - I was hoping science would be different and truth would prevail but apparently not.

    As I said to one famous Noble Laureate, scientists cannot lie but that does not mean they have to tell the truth.

    Not everyone wants to hear the truth and even I admit certain truths are best kept secrete, for the general good of all.

    When you are homeless and unemployed from Jarrow, it definitely gives you a different perspective on life, the universe and everything - every cloud has a silver lining.


    The first Jarrow march took a few weeks, it has taken me over five years to reach this point all I need now is a jury of my peer's.

    I am looking for 12 volunteers from business, science and politics.

    I make a far better Businessman than a scientist or politician.

    The greatest decisions in your life, are normally made for you.

    How do you get an invite from the Cambridge Debating Society?


    Terry Giblin

  9. Jul 4, 2006 #8


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    Hey, well, this is all nonsense. Locked.

    - Warren
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