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REU as a Non-Physics Major?

  1. Feb 8, 2013 #1
    I am a second-semester freshman (but a first-semester junior by credits) looking at what needs to be done to pursue physics. I have already read "So you want to be a physicist?" and understand all that it takes to continue on this path. I am a math major, and at a school that does not offer physics. Likewise, I am working through textbooks in all the different aspects that the normal undergrad physics student would. In this aspect, I am sure I can catch up to what it is expected of the regular grad school applicant.

    However, there is one big aspect I am worried about- research opportunities. Looking at the requirements of different schools, a few do not explicitly list a physics major as a requirement, but I understand that is what is expected. There is one physics professor (who teaches algebra-based general physics courses) I plan to speak to, but it doesn't sound as if he will be able to help me. Do I have any chance of getting into any REU (a year or two from now) if I can demonstrate my ability in the subject despite only majoring in math? And, if not, would a math REU be better than nothing when applying to graduate school?
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