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REU for graduating seniors?

  1. Feb 2, 2014 #1
    Hi everyone,
    I will be graduating this spring with a bachelors in physics. I love research and I do have research experience and I have applied for graduate school in physics. Now I am just waiting around. However, I am trying to find work during the summer and I was wondering if anyone knows of any programs that accept graduating seniors for REU.

    The deadlines passed for the programs I found :/... for ** Future students DOE SULI accept graduating seniors!**

    I was also thinking of contacting a faculty member I want to work with around the area I live in so that they don't have to fund me. I truly just want to learn and get more experience, it's not really about the money. Do you think it is a good idea as well?

    I applied for theory because my research background in physics is all in theoretical physics and I LOVE it. However, I am realizing that the chances of me getting into grad school is small for that. I was unsuccessful in getting an REU for experimental but I do want to try it and I wished I had sooner =(. So I am mainly looking for experimental research.

    Any help or comment is appreciated.
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    Vanadium 50

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    It's almost impossible for a professor to take on a non-student for free. The university will usually step in, citing labor laws.
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    Thank you for the reply! What if I call it volunteering? However, I do see your point. I might email and ask around anyways though because it would be great to have more research experience. If I am unsuccessful in getting admitted to graduate school the first time, I can only improve my app with Gre/physics gre scores and research experience.
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