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REU for international

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    I am a freshman physics major at a top university in India. I was considering (as a really long shot) applying to REU programs in the US or Europe. What places should I consider? Obviously, places like Caltech SURF come to mind, but do I have a better chance at a less glamorous program?

    Some background: I have previously worked on a vacation program at a radio telescope facility and I have done a reading project at a major research institute in India. Along with my regular physics courses, I am also taking some math, (Measure Theory last semester and Topology this semester). I am expecting my grades to be decent.

    (I get this fellowship from our government which makes it relatively easy for me to get summer internships in Indian institutes.)
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    Errr, I would apply at an Indian university. REUs are generally for US citizens or resident aliens, or at the very least you have to go to a university in the US. From the http://www.nsf.gov/crssprgm/reu/" [Broken]:

    If you're talking about an REU-esque program, then you may have a shot but I don't know of any U.S. government sponsored program that is open for foreign students. :( You might try contacting the universities you're interested in directly, but I don't know about the chances. If you have something that allows you to do research at Indian institutes, why not check out some top schools there? It would be a lot easier to get a spot.

    Regardless of what you decide, good luck!
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