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REU rejections?

  1. Mar 7, 2007 #1
    Hey, has anyone heard from REU programs? I applied to the following mathematics REU:

    ASU - ?
    Calstate Chico - ?
    Calstate San Bernardino - ?
    Cornell - (no way im getting in) ?
    Grand Valley State - ?
    Penn State University Park - ?
    University of Wisconsin - ?
    Pitzer - ?
    Williams College - rejected (i really wanted this one, it had so many cool projects!)

    i feel like i should've applied to couple of more schools, oh well. i hope i get into at least one of these programs.
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    Because I want to remain in NYC. I only applied to Polytechnic University REU programs in Computer/Electrical Engineering. I havent heard from them as yet as I've just sent in my application.
  4. Mar 7, 2007 #3
    I have yet to hear anything either, but, for the REUs I applied to, the application deadline was only a week ago, so I would think it would take them a little while to review every application they get. I applied to only four programs, so my chances are slim, but I would love the opportunity.
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    I applied to about 8 or 9 REUs(its sad when u cant remember). I've only heard back from one but it was a rejection, but one that I was pretty sure I wasnt getting into. O well, 8 more left!
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    I've had 5 rejections I think and 2 acceptances. I'm just happy I got into one, they seem quite competitive.
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    Is it common to apply for so many (5, 8, 9, ….)?
    I am only, formally, applying to one and now I am getting somewhat worried about my chances. The school I am applying to is not terribly prestigious so perhaps that will limit the number of other applicants. Also, they have 20 different research programs listed under the possible work areas students will be assigned to…and assuming they accept at least 1 student per program that might give me better odds.
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    I have applied to 6 REUs but so far the only email I got (regarding acceptance) is from University of Toledo (I was accepted)

    I was so happy that I got into one REU. I got the email 2 days before the deadline... as for the others, I know that a couple of them have deadlines around mid Feb, they say (in their website) that decisions will be made soon after deadlines... so I assumed I haven't gotten in any other REU.
  9. Mar 7, 2007 #8
    I applied to 3 back in the day.... I should've applied to more. For one, REU spots are limited and get a large number of applicants. Applying to more hopefully should increase you chances of finding a good fit with someone. Second, its free to apply! Unlike grad schools apps that cost $50, you can fill out all the apps you want and only pay for postage (maybe). Really, the limiting factor is probably your profs writing the recommendation letters. So while I wouldn't apply to 20... 10 is probably fair.
  10. Mar 7, 2007 #9
    Applied to six for math; I have had two acceptances and one rejection, and am waiting on the rest...

    Just out of curiosity -- for those of you who are picking between multiple programs, how are you deciding where to attend?
  11. Mar 7, 2007 #10
    Imagine one day, when people start to send 10+ REUs applications EVERY summer. Just imagine the competitions!! the top students will probably get all the REUs while others got sent to the back up lists... that would suck. :\
  12. Mar 7, 2007 #11
    I applied to seven. I got one rejection and was bummed, but then soon after I got offered a position at Columbia's Nevis labs program. I accepted it and withdrew my other applications since I couldn't accept their offer any more and I wouldn't have picked those over Columbia's. I'm rather excited for this summer!

    Good luck to those still waiting on replies!
  13. Mar 8, 2007 #12
    Question: Why REU's? Why not just try to work at your current university?

    For example, here at Davis, undergrads are commonly hired to work with the nuclear physics groups and the high energy group. Furthermore, over the summer, everyone goes home, so work is not hard to come by. I don't know how this is at your university, but this is how it is at mine.
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    What REU did you apply to at ASU? I'm just curious, as I'm a student there...
  15. Mar 8, 2007 #14
    I've got a question for you guys, if you apply to all these REUs I would assume that you have to give letters of recommendation. Do you just have your professors copy the letters and send them to each institution?
  16. Mar 8, 2007 #15
    its hard to get math jobs as an undergrad :-)
  17. Mar 8, 2007 #16


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    I'd say so, yes. I can't imagine a professor writing seven or so different references for the same person!
  18. Mar 8, 2007 #17


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    I applied to 13. I just heard that I was rejected from Williams today.
    Haven't heard from
    James Madison
    NC State
    Rose Hulman
    East Tennessee
    University of Tennessee
    Carnegie Mellon (not an REU officially, but similar)
  19. Mar 8, 2007 #18
    Okay, I applied 7 total this year. Mostly medical physics/radiologic science/nuclear related field.
    Havard-MIT HST-Waiting
    University of Jena(Germany)-Waiting
    University of Indiana-Waiting
    M.D Anderson Cancer Center-Waiting

    I am mad at UCLA for rejecting me. Maybe they knew I rejected UCLA long time ago or something. Being in quarter system school, I don't think I have good chance getting into most of other REUs I applied. The time frame simply don't fit well. At this point, my first choice would be Jena(Germany) or AAPM. Well, if all goes wrong I will continue my senior thesis with my adviser here at my own university which many people advised me to do so. I know REU is just another way of boosting your resume and from the previous year's REU experience I don't have much expectation from REU program. 10 weeks is just not enough to do anything. But they pay me to stay, and frankly that's all that matters. I can't afford to pay for my rent during summer if I stay here.........so God please, let me live~
  20. Mar 9, 2007 #19
    Well this spring I applied to 6 REU's and last spring I applied to 5. This time around I got accepted to 2 and it looks like Im going to be working at Eastern Tennesse State University but its rather close to home in their astronomy reu. Last Summer I worked in Clemson's physics reu also in astronomy. The sad part is Im not much of an astronomer but for some reason theyre always the ones that give me the best offers.
  21. Mar 9, 2007 #20

    i went to indiana unversity last summer for the REU program. (and it is indiana university, not the university of indiana! you will be eaten alive by overfed midwesterners if you mispronounce their school. :tongue: )

    lot of fun, but my project had absolutely nothing to do with the cyclotron/proton therapy stuff they have going on.
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