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Reusing an attachment?

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    I have an attachment that I'd like to use in a second post. I'm able to use [ img ] with a link to the attachment, but how can I reuse an attachment in later posts so that it shows up as an attachment?
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    I'm afraid you'll have to re-upload it or simply link to the post with the attachment.
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    I have done this by going to my users control panel and identifying the attachment.
    (Choose attachments at the bottom of the left hand list)
    Right click on the name of the attachment in the attachment list
    choose properties
    copy and paste the URL from the properties box that opens to the dialog box for insert attachment or insert picture in your advanced edit box.

    go well

    @ Greg, I have never been able to re upload an attachment without renaming it. Doing that Loading multiple copies to the site) would offend my sense of thrift.

    It would be great to have a simpler automated proceedure than mine for reusing attachments.

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    It might be better to just link to the post with the attachment. Storing duplicate files on the server is inefficient. :)
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    This is what I did using insert picture which works fine, but for insert attachment, the only options I see are "upload", and I get an error when I try to use the URL for the attachment.

    The idea here is to reuse an existing attachment, rather than duplicating it. For now I just used the image option with a link to the original attachment.
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    The &d portion of the link doesn't seem to be needed (or the &stc=1 that displays in the attachment menu url properties).


    I was hoping for a way to re-use attachments as attachments, but this doesn't seem possible. I can use [ img ] ... with the attachment url to post an image, or as jtbell suggested, just a link.
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    The last time I did it was in this thread


    As a result of losing the typing from a long post to a glitch I ended up with an uploaded attachment but not post text.

    In the end I replaced the text with a new post but could not linkto or upload the attachment so I renamed it an re uploaded it.

    Borek later pasted in into post#16. He was most helpful.
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