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Reverse/change in earth's axis

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    I know that climate, seasonal and magnetic poles would be affected by this, but please, refer to them in your answer.

    What would happen if earth were to suddenly reverse direction of its rotation, or suddenly change it's axis so it rotates side to side (like uranus) or front to back instead of rotating top to bottom? Also, what would happen to us; would we fly around because of inertia because we want to stay in the same direction if the earth reversed rotation direction or suddenly change the way it is spinning?
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    We'd all be thrown several miles due to inertia and the earth would probably be ripped apart by whatever force caused the reversal (such as an asteroid the size of Mercury slamming into Brazil).
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    Curious that you mention Brazil and asteroids when the world cup is on.
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    That would require enormous amounts of energy and the accelerations at the earth's surface would be similary huge. As russ mentioned - things would go flying (or thrown) - it wouldn't be pleasant. I don't know if the earth would get ripped apart, but the earthquakes and tsunamis would be severe (and that's and understatement).

    On the other hand, such a scenario is not likely to happen.
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