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Reverse Piezoelectricity

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    Piezoelectric Crystal Vibrates When Subjected To An Electric Pulse ,
    I Wonder If Putting Stress On A Piezoelctric Crystal Would Yeild An Electric Pulse ??
    And If That Is So, Are There Any Machines Based On This Theory ?and If There Are ,how Efficient Are They ??
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    Yes. There definitely are. Look up accelerometers and many different forms of instrumentation. They all use the deformation of a piexoelectric crystal to produce a charge which is sent thru a charge amplifier and then signal conditioner. The end signal is a direct function of the imput.

    One of my standard suppliers is Endevco. They have a lot of information on the effect.
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    My skiis have a piezzo cell and an LED. Its probably mostly hype, but its supposed to convert vibration to electricity (and light the LED) to help keep the skiis on the slope. If you bang on the skiis with your knuckles, the LED lights up.
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    He probably already either owns or has seen one—the cartridge in a turntable.
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    Chi Meson

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    Those lighters on propane grilles are piezoelectric lighters. When you push the button, you cause a a rod to slam into a set of piezoelectric crystals causing a voltage large enough to make a spark that ignites the gas.
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    Right. Also electronic cigarette lighters. Most phones, I think, now use piezo microphones as well. There are probably dozens of everyday examples that we just never even think about.
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    Ahhh.... Now I know why they put those in kids shoes, and here I always thought is was simply for amusement, in actuality it is so they will know when their feet hit the ground. :biggrin:
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    thank god it work !!
    well that clears up a few things for my furure project,
    thankks guys !!
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