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Reverse Recovery Time

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    I really tried to read about it, but I just don't get it? What does it mean in simple-language?
    What is (storage time) & (transition interval)?
    Elaborate Please!

    [It is included in diode introductory lesson]
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    Well, I can speak for reverse recovery time, only in the context I have seen it.

    It is the amount of time it takes for current to stop flowing, once the diode becomes reverse biased in the circuit.
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    Okay, do you want me to write the text?
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    Here, I posted it anyways, it is a snatch from the soft-copy of the book "Electronic Devices and Circuit Theory" for Robert L. Boylestad
    "The text and the associated figure"

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    cool thanks
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    No thank you for your time :) It was a bit awkward to understand the concept.
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    So please if you get it or even if you don't let me know.. Especially the concepts that I posted in the main Question..
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