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Reversed Cicular Pi

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    Hi !

    I was pondering over the morphology of etymology, and the tonal "Aum" or "OM" of the vedic sanskrit.

    If you look at these tones in a cymatic (wave theory) way, you discover some unqiue principles.

    All of our time we have spent trying to create pi, 3.14blahblahblahblahblah...

    but, why ? Is our math sound ? I say nay.

    Within a circle, a tone can create a perfect square, a perfect triangle, etc.

    Within a sphere, a tone can create a perfect cube.
    These geometric values are derivatives of ONE...

    and ONE represents the circle, and the sphere.

    The fractional values used to create the square, and the CUBE are whole number ratios !

    Thus, wouldn't it be easier, to simply start with sphere, and derive geometric shapes from there, than to do it the opposite way ?

    In a slightly more complesx aspect, for those who love complexity, It occurs to me, that we could create a very simple system of math for creating such squares, etc.
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    You will want to get to know a member who goes by the name 'WWW,' formerly known as 'Organic.'
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