Reversed gravity?

  1. I've seen several posts on antigravity and theories on whether it can or cannot be a repulsive force as well as an attractive one.
    My question is, what would happen if all gravity in the Universe was somehow made repulsive?how would that affect spacetime? Would everything remain exactly the same?
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  3. FtlIsAwesome

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    Well, all matter would fly apart...
  4. Pengwuino

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    Well, not exactly. On a smaller scale, like with humans, you probably wouldn't notice I suspect as the electromagnetic force keeps things together. On planetary and higher scales, however, things would definitely fly apart immediately. Our bodies wouldn't fly apart themselves but ... well, the planet would send us flying away!
  5. FtlIsAwesome

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    We'd die from lack of atmosphere. :eek:

    It'd be interesting to see a simulation of a planet blowing up due to reversed gravity. :cool:
    Or a star. Or... etc etc.
  6. Would it have the same effect as simply taking the gravity away?
  7. FtlIsAwesome

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    Similar, but not quite. With repulsive gravity objects will fly apart much faster.
    Planets would probably still explode if there was no gravity instead of reversed gravity. Because they are under alot of compression and once that compression is released they'll fly apart.
    In both situations we'd die from lack of air.
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