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Review for calc 3

  1. Aug 24, 2004 #1
    Hey all, i'm starting calc 3 up in a month and i'm getting a bit nervous. I'm only a senior in highschool, a young senior at that, so i may be something like 4 years younger than my classmates from what i gather. I totally slacked in calcs 1 and 2 so i'm a little nervous. They'll likely thing i'm some sorta smatie and ask me questions i should know answers to, and i probably won't know the answers since i slacked so badly. So, before class starts i'm hoping to review a little some stuff, but i obviously don't have time to relearn everything i didn't before, so what should i focuss on? or do you have examples of things i should be able to solve easily? anything to help me would be super wonderful.

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