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Review for Graduate School

  1. Mar 26, 2015 #1
    Good morning!

    So, I graduated in 2013 and got a job in industry. Now, I'm starting grad school in the fall. That's a 2.5 year gap; I'd like to brush up on my skills and shore up my weaknesses. Anyone have recommendations? In particular, for Math Methods and skills? As far as Undergraduate texts go, I have the usual University Physics/Calc, Griffiths EM/Quantum, Modern Physics, Diff Eq, and a few other misc books.

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    Yep, those are good books. Work lots of problems to see where your sikills/knowledge is rusty. For a comprehensive overview of math methods, in one place, see the books by Riley, Boas or Arfken.
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    I would maybe take a Physics GRE practice test to help you see what you need to brush up on.
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    Get copies of the school's Qualifying Exam questions and work on those. You have to pass this exam anyway, so might as well start with it and figure out what you are lacking or weak in.

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