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Reviewing for Grad School: Tips Needed

  1. Feb 1, 2014 #1
    I am currently reviewing for grad school. I graduated a while back, so I am going to need a very solid review. I am starting now to prepare for the coming fall. My math skills were a little underwhelming in my Jr/Sr year at UCR, so I am hitting the math bench press first. I have been teaching in the field for about eight years now though at the high school level. I can still do basic calculus differentiation and integration.

    I have picked up (by recommendation): Mary L. Boas' book "Mathematical Methods in the Physical Sciences".

    I have started on chapter 1 section one and plan on working through the book. The concepts seem very easy and straight forward, but the problems are tricky. I know it is good to wrestle with problems and not skip that hard ones, but I think there is some point of diminishing returns when doing this. I really need to be careful not to waste valuable review time grinding on problems that I mostly understand. On the underhand maybe that is just a part of knocking off the rust.

    I would like to finish the book by summer, and I plan on doing most of the odd number questions in the book. I was never good at being a good judge of when to move on as not to waste time as a undergrad. I felt like I needed to understand everything. That worked fine at the community college, but I fell behind at UCR.

    Input much appreciated,
    Thanks, Chris Maness
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