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Homework Help: Revsiom guides

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    hi ive just started my a levels and am doing physics (naturally). it is the Edexcel Salters Horners specification and im getting totally confused by it all. It is new to my school, and we did some practice questions the other day which even my teacher couldnt work out (just to show you the level of teaching i've got). i could really do with a good revision guide, any recommendations? anyone happen to do the exact same specification? is there anywhere you can buy really worn (and therefore cheap) revision guides?

    Thanks for any advice from anyone.

    liz xxx
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    Answered in other post.
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    Looks like the other post was removed !!

    To repeat what I said there ...

    Have you tried http://www.thestudentroom.co.uk/index.php?" [Broken] ?

    Perhaps in the Universities/University Courses sub-forum.

    Response time there is usually pretty quick.

    Best of luck.
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