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Revtex question

  1. Jul 14, 2006 #1
    I see that there have been some other LaTeX specifically Revtex questions in this forum, so i will post a question that i submitted to a LaTeX forum, but has not been answered.

    My question is for anyone who is familiar with Revtex4 or does any APS and AIP authoring. It is easy to use if you want to author anything for American Physical Society (PRB, PRL, etc), but now AIP has cited Revtex4 as the LaTeX release of choice for Applied Physics Letters, and other AIP publications, but they do not provide a template or any .sty or .cls files (or any instructions) to make it unique for AIP. Long story short i need to author something for APL and i need a template, .sty, or .cls because i don't imagine that AIP will accept a tex file specied for APS.
    Please help, or better yet send me a template for APL!

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    Have you contacted the editors or anyone associated with AIP? They would be the ones to answer this question...

    I read through the submission process and it is not clear. So you will have to actually correspond with the editors about this.
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    re: revtex

    yeah, i wrote an email to the editors and haven't heard back. I'm not a LaTeX guru just yet and i'm not sure if the lack of instructions means that i just submit it in APS style, which is what RevTex defaults to. I was hoping that there is someone, somewhere that has written an APL paper using Revtex can send me their template.
    Thanks anyway!
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    At the start of my files I have...

    Code (Text):
    The revtex style file has:

    Code (Text):
    but no APL...

    Oh well, this doesn't help much :smile:

    Perhaps for APL, you just leave out the aps option, unless they added the apl bit later...
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    I've never published in APL, nor JAP, but the format does resembles PRL, PRA, etc., except for the non-centering of the authors/affiliation. So if all you want to do is to make sure you have the page length right for APL (i.e. not exceeding 3 pages), then I'd say, use the PRL format. You can submit it as is, or change it into a draft style, it doesn't matter. They usually re-typeset your LaTex file anyway.

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