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On my homework, I was given the equation V=1/3 x pi x r squared x h. I need to rewrite the formula so that it is solved for h.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!
:uhh: You probably should have posted this in the homework section instead, and if you can't find the topic here later, it was probably moved there.

But, I'm not mean. :tongue2:

I'm not going to solve it for you, but think: If you do something to one side of the equals, the same thing has to happen on the other side.

Use the 1/3 as an example, and cancel it by multiplying by 3. Then, just make everything else go to the other side by multiplying it over. ^:biggrin:
I'm sorry about not posting this in the right forum...I just signed up today, so I'm still getting used to everything here!

And about your reply...I tried what you said, and I got 3V over pi x r squared. Is this right??
if you meant [tex] \frac{3V}{\pi r^2}[/tex] then yes
Lol sorry...once again, I'm new here!

Thank you both very much for your help. :biggrin:

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