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Reynolds Number

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    I am trying to work out a reynolds number for an impinging jet using air. If I have:

    μ=1.8*10-5 kg/ms
    ρ=1.2 kg/m3
    Velocity = 90m/s
    Nozzle Diameter=15mm

    is it Re = ρ u dh / μ

    Which is (1.2 kg/m3*90m/s*0.015m)/1.8*10-5 kg/ms


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    That depends entirely on the application. That would likely be the most commonly used formulation but there could be others.
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    If that's the data you're given then that's probably the formula you have to use. If you're unsure then check that your final answer is dimensionless i.e. has no units.
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