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RF imaging

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    I have to prepare a presentation on radio frequency imaging, applications and technical aspects etc.

    Unfortunately the uni library has closed and my google searches appear to be coming up rather thin (more RF coils in imagers than RF imaging). Does anyone know where I could find some useful info?

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    Well if Radar is considered RF, then one can look for articles on "Ground Penetrating Radar" (GPR), which is a common application.

    Another possibile term is "remote sensing" used with "RF Imaging", or "radio frequency".

    I think MRI's are considered RF imaging systems - See US Patent 6,885,191

    U of British Columbia has announced a new antenna design -
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    You will need to clarify what kind of imaging application you're interested in writing about. If it's medical imaging you're thinking about, Astronuc is correct. MRI is the only imaging modality that uses RF. Otherwise there's all sorts of other RADAR and remote sensing applications out there. The surface of Venus was mapped using RADAR. Radioastronomy could be another form of RF imaging.
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    The spec was just uses of 'RF imaging in industry and medicine'

    However I will be looking more into Radar and MRI. Do you think I could also count terrahertz imaging as that is right on the fringe of the RF/IR boundary?
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