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RFID - Cloneing

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    I'm a first year computing student and have just finished this years exams. I tend to get a little bored in my free times and so have looked towards a sort of project besides programming.

    I've seen RFID is staging a take over of wireless technology and seen in the news it's been implanted for uses on doors and mobiles. I've also seen on line that it can be simply manipulated with some basic build yourself hardware.

    I was planning on attempting to build some sort of software where a card is placed near a scanner and the code it contains/broadcasts is copied and then can be cloned onto a second card.

    What hardware would i need, i know I'd need some sort of reader/antenna to copy the cards content and then a re-writer, would anyone know where to get this hardware (ebay included) and what specifically i would need ?

    If it seems at what I'm attempting is a little difficult just say and I'll move onto something else, but i know it's been done and there countless you tube videos back dating to 2008 with some simple hardware being used.
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    This is a little too close to the PF rule about illegal activities. If you have a valid interest in learning more about RFID, I'd suggest you approach one of your professors to see if they would be interested in helping you with a project.

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