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RFID masters project ideas

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    I am thinking of some RFID applications, and the web seems to prove there is an endless supply of applications and problems already solved.

    Is there any hope to do a master's thesis/project in this field that would be worthwhile? If I come up with a good idea, its already done, and if I come up with an idea not already done, there's a better way to do it than with RFID :(
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    BTW, I'm looking to design some type of sensor. I was thinking a passive temp sensor that an embedded system could use to probe itself (a printer mobo that wants to know the temps. of its various components for example).

    So I would want to do the physical design of the sensor. Not so interested in making a completed system using the sensor.
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    I don't see any reason that a RTD (resistive thermal device) can't be integrated into your rfid circuit that could be read by the μP. You would need other circuitry to digitize the temp signal.
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    An ingestible thermometer would be really useful for a project I'd like to do.
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    OK but a quick google search shows there's already passive RFID temp. sensors . . so I am a little discouraged.
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