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RGB display ?

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    I have somewhat of a technical question and was hoping you would be able to help me. I have a display that is 852 (x3) x 600. This means that that there are 852 x 600 of the red, blue and green filtered pixels. Say however that I am looking at a completely red object, thus only red light falls on detector, and detected by only red filters. That means only red pixels on display will be on.
    However, if in another case, white light falls and is detected by all three RGB pixels, and on the display as well, all three RGB pixels will be on. Does that mean that for a red object, resolution is effectively decreased by 3 compared to white light?

    I appreciate any input you have!!
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    This question is similar to your other one, but the answer is no because with white light you don't see 3 white pixels, just one of each color.
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    ClearType font smoothing uses subpixel rendering to attain greater resolution for fonts. Look it up if you are interested.
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    Each pixel has Red, Green, and Blue subpixel. We measure resolution in pixels rather than subpixels, so although in your example the number of subpixels has decreased by we do not say that the resolution has been reduced, because to the human eye it hasn't.
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