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Rheoloogy testing of hydrogel-help!

  1. Mar 23, 2011 #1
    I was wondering could anybody help me with this? I'm determining the viscoelastic properties of a thermo-responsive hydrogel and I'm using the rheometer. I plan to test it as it changes from with an increasing temperature; its 'liquid' at 20 deg and 'solid/gel form' at 37 deg.
    i'm looking for the moment it changes from liquid to solid so i plan on doing a temperature sweep and also finding its storage and loss modulus.
    I've read numerous studies like this, and they all do a non-destructive oscillating test, then a strain sweep, and then a frequency sweep...
    this is a stupid question but they say 'all rheological studies were done in triplicate'...what does that mean?! are these three tests; oscillatory, frequency and strain sweep tests, all carried out one after the other on the same sample? that's my interpretation, but as i've only one sample to test,(and a very small amount of it) i really need to be right on this!

    Any help much appreciated!!
    thank you!
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