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RIAA Public Service Announcement Video

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    After successfully reducing p2p usage through their suing campaign, the RIAA is transitioning to phase two in their mission to eliminate music piracy. If you haven't stopped downloading music yet, it's time to think twice.

    http://media.ebaumsworld.com/RIAA_PSA.mpg [Broken]
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    Link doesn't seem to work
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    It works, just right click on the link and save as..
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    As much as it was intended as a joke, I wouldn't be surprised if there were members of the RIAA considering such measures.
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    Not only them. HP too:

    HP against piracy

    The reason I disappeared for awhile was because I was @ a Mac forum. I found this link there, so if it doesn't work there would be pictures on the bottom of the page. Click: HP Defends Piracy.
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