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Schools Rice University Research

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    I have been seeing a lot of exciting research being dished out from Rice University. I've considered that university before but ultimately planned for Rutgers university because of close proximity and prowess in physics and mathematics. But I'm a bit worried that Rutgers university won't foster my potential. After all, research is very important for any physics undergraduate.

    Any thoughts? Should I opt for a more research acclaimed universities?

    A bit of background:
    -I'll be completing my associates in physics next fall semester.
    -As of this moment, my curriculum consists of Calc II & Physics II [not my only classes of course].
    -I'm a bit curious of computational neuroscience so I'll be taking a couple classes here and there in that respective field of study.
    -I'm planning to research under physics, but I'm also not ignoring the possibility that computational neuroscience might suit me.
    -Pursuing PhD in Physics & bachelors/masters in math.
    -Keep in mind that I attend a community college and probably won't apply for "top tier" schools as a consequence.
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    Vanadium 50

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    Here we go again. We keep telling you over and over that your ideas on school strengths are wrong, and you keep ignoring us. Please read the N previous threads you've posted on it.

    Rutgers is an excellent school. The idea that you are too good for Rutgers is unsupported by the facts.
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    Vanadium, your advice has not went in vain! I hope you don't believe that I ignore you because its simply not true. In fact, I'm adamant of applying to Rutgers but wanted a bit of perspective. This is not a thread about ranks because Rutgers is ranked higher in the math and physics department than in Rice university [and yet I considered Rice university]; and I realize rank is extremely insignificant at this stage [and its much much more complicated than just a rank].

    At this moment there is only one thing that I consider significant. And that is the research opportunities being offered. Which brings me back to my original question of whether Rice university would better suit me, because I've been seeing a lot of good research coming from them and relatively little from Rutgers university. On the other side, Rutgers has one of the best high-energy physics programs. Things start to get complicated when you consider that Rice university isn't as pressing on high-energy physics as compared to Rutgers. Furthermore, most of the research I've seen from Rice university falls in the applied physics department and not theory.
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