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Richard Feynman, 1965 Physics Nobel Prize Winner

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    Heres a new website dedicated to the hero of all physics geeks: Richard P. Feynman.The site features many Feynman articles like his lectures, anecdotes, jokes, stories etc.. other resources like jokes and daily news feed and others make it a good site to kill time or learn some random stuff.
    Give it a visit!
    http://www.heyfeynman.com" [Broken]
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    I thought Einstein was our major hero.
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    I dunno, Feynman was pretty awesome. As well as being charismatic and equipped with many interesting skills, he is known as one of the greatest teachers of physics ever.
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    Galileo has to rank near the top being one of (if not) the first to systematically use mathematics to model the physical world.
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    kudos to feynman. He's my favourite physicists of all times !! Read his book : surely you must be joking, mr feynman if you haven already.

    Favourite engineer : Nicola Tesla
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    Feynman's other book, What Do You Care What Other People Think is also a great read. He was a true original. :cool:
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    I have just finished (as of about an hour and a half ago) "Surely You're Joking Mr. Feynmann". It's a great read. Has anyone read his anthology of speeches, "The Pleasure of Finding Things Out"? That's also very interesting.
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    What Do You Care What Other People Think was good, but kind of depressing, don't you think?

    I also liked his 6 lectures "The nature of physical laws".
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