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Richard Feynman Video/Audio

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    Hey physicsforums,

    I've been assembling as much Richard Feynman content as I can - because I have learned more from him about what it means to do physics than from any other source in my life.

    Right now, I have about 20GB of content - a combination of video, audio, and documents. These include interviews, the audio from his Caltech lectures, papers he published, etc. Much of it was difficult to find. I would be glad to share anything that I have - whether it's requested or you just want a recommendation.

    On the other hand - I am missing a few things that I would love to see, but haven't been able to find. (I don't have the money to do something like spend $150 on a single video cassette). I was hoping if I listed them here, someone might have one or something. I would be eternally grateful.

    Anyway, here goes:
    -Quantum Mechanical View of Reality (video)
    -Computers From The Inside Out: The Feynman Lectures on Heuristics (video, 2000)
    -Idiosyncratic Thinking Workshop (Video, 1985)
    -Tiny Machines (video, just the parts that are missing on youtube)
    -Bits & Pieces -from Richard Feynman's Life and Times (video, 1988)
    -Safecracker Suite (Audio)
    -Talk at Bell Labs on Computer Science (possibly?)
    -The Feynman Tapes (audio, recordings of his conversations that were put in his 2 story books)
    -Fun to Imagine in high quality (video)

    Thanks a bunch!
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