Rick James Runs for City Council: Local Politician Unknowingly Funky, Freaky

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In summary, Rick James' campaign signs are being stolen and he is asking Comedy Central for compensation.
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Local Politician Unknowingly Funky, Freaky
Monday, April 11, 2005

A Mississippi political hopeful is discovering the downside of name recognition.

Rick James is the name of both a Hattiesburg City Council candidate and the flamboyant singer of the 1981 hit "Super Freak," who died last August just as he was poised to make a comeback.

The self-described "king of punk funk," jailed later in his career for drug abuse and violence against women, is the subject of a recurring skit on the Comedy Central cable-TV hit "Chappelle's Show," in which host Dave Chappelle, dressed as the singer, acts bizarrely and randomly shouts out "I'm Rick James, b*tch!"

According to the New York Post, people in Hattiesburg have been stealing "Vote Rick James" signs at such a rate that the aspiring city councilman's wife has asked Comedy Central for compensation.

"We would appreciate a small campaign donation for more signs, as we are working-class people and financing this campaign out of our own pockets," wrote Diane James to the cable channel. "Each time a sign is stolen, it costs us $4.75!"

The Mississippi Rick James ran in 2003 for the state house but apparently had no trouble from sign-stealers then.

"Every time a 'Rick James' piece runs on your show, we stand to lose dozens of signs overnight, which end up decorating people's front yards and dorm rooms," Diane James added, not specifying whether the relocated placards remained in the relevant electoral district.

Not only are the signs costing a bundle, says Mrs. Rick James, but there's a degree of public humiliation involved.

"Young children on bikes scream, 'I'm Rick James, b*tch!' as we drive by in our car with our 'Rick James' car signs," she states. "People even drive by our home and scream, 'Super Freak.'"

According to the Post, Comedy Central has not yet responded to James' letter.

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Maybe he could use the notoriety to campaign against drugs and violence?
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I think he would have to stop being a stick in the mud first.
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TheStatutoryApe said:
I think he would have to stop being a stick in the mud first.
Yeh, and his wife, otherwise known as the Rick James, b*tch.
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hahaha rofl they had a story on this tonight on the daily show
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I now want one of the posters ...I wonder if there on E-Bay yet?

What is "Rick James Runs for City Council"?

"Rick James Runs for City Council" is a satirical news article about a local politician named Rick James who is unknowingly very funky and freaky.

Who is Rick James?

Rick James is a fictional character created for the purpose of the satirical news article "Rick James Runs for City Council". He is not based on any real person.

What is the purpose of the article?

The purpose of the article is to entertain and provide a humorous commentary on local politics and the idea that politicians may have hidden or unexpected qualities.

Is this article based on a true story?

No, "Rick James Runs for City Council" is a work of fiction and is not based on any real events or people.

What is the message of the article?

The article does not have a specific message, but it uses humor to poke fun at the idea of politicians having hidden qualities and the absurdity of local politics.