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Rick Perry: Strong Commercial

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    I'm quite certain this man won't be elected in 2012. To me, this seemed like a joke from a comedy network, clearly not.

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    The war on religion is clearly the most important crisis facing us today! - sarcasim
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    Is this the one with 200,000 thumbs-down votes on youtube? Or is that another one?
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    Internet has liberal (Obama fans) majority IMO so it's not surprising to see 200K thumbs down.

    At least, he is clear about what he believes in unlike Obama.
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    What a nut!! "I'll end Obama's war on religion". What? Leave religion out of politics. If you can't win based on competencies, try to win based on guaranteeing a religious takeover.

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    I don't know how you can keep religion out of the politics in a democratic nation when it carries demographics like this ...

    This thread seems unfair to Rick Perry because it discusses only one of his agendas to judge his competency.
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    Perry is doing this because he has sank so low in the polls that he is trying to appeal to the Evangelical vote in Iowa.

    Two good points I thought a woman made on "O'Reilly Factor" were 1) What does gays serving openly in the military have to do with religion, and 2) If you believe in local control of the schools, how can you as President do anything about prayer in the schools?

    I do think some of the basics of what Perry says are legitimate issues (children not allowed to mention Christmas in some schools for example), but IMO leave that to folks like Bill O'Reilly and other such people to deal with, not the President (by "deal with," I mean to bring to the public's attention and make a stink about, if enough of that is done and people complain, usually the politicians at the local levels will address it).
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    R. Perry shows his stupidity by expressing his “know-it-all” certainty. I feel sure that he overestimates his own abilities and skills…just examine his outrageous and contradictory pronouncements during this campaign for president. Finally, his apparent confidence in his competence makes him unable to recognize the extremity of his own inadequacy. Surely R. Perry is a bad joke…no, an embarrassment for all Americans.
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    I usually stay out of US politics but got into this thread thinking it is unfair to mock Perry for this video.

    I agree his rankings are going down http://www.nationaljournal.com/politics/hotline-s-presidential-power-rankings-20111107 [Broken]. I hope it is so because he is incompetent not because of distractions like this video and he showing up unprepared for a debate.
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    I will take one example I know of. In France we have 70% of the population identified as Christians (roman catholic). A precise number is difficult to evaluate since we do not keep official statistics on the matter. In any case, this single religion is vastly dominant even over people identifying as non-religious. Yet, you will not hear one politician using religion to any level comparable to the US. Our politicians will barely ever appear in church where a camera would be. Because, they understand and respect personal choices.

    It is one part of the US population who has a literal understanding of the bible, and quite frankly it is shameful how much influence they have. The rest of the world mocks this state of affair.
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    Could it be because how American Revolution[1] differs from French Revolution[2]? Perry also commented that religion made U.S. stronger.

    Nonetheless, I should have been more careful when I made that statement.
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    I do not think there is a simple explanation, but I agree that it is historical and the revolution plays a major role. Whether it makes the US stronger is an interesting question actually. It probably is very efficient for pushing an agenda in the short term (yes I mean population control). In the long term, I am not sure anyone worries about long term in the US.
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    No politicians care about the long-term in the US, unfortunately. Most politicians seem to come from the business model that only cares about the last quarter and the upcoming quarter.

    The 7th generation model is lost on these jerks.
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    The OP video, and other of his statements, show that he's a religious nutcase. Which alone would be enough to judge him incompetent to hold public office (for half the electorate anyway). But then he cemented his fate (loser) by being uprepared for national debates. How much more of an idiot can this guy present himself as?

    Perry's done. As is Cain. Who's next?
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    It seems that in France there's a better realization of the separation of church and state than in the US. The world should mock US elections. They're eminently mockworthy.
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    Many appear to have no understanding whatsoever of the New Testament. In my view, they use what they please of the Bible and ignore that which is inconvenient. I would say that many of their practices are diametrically opposed to the teachings of Jesus Christ.
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    I agree Patrick.
    I am honestly shocked that people can pick and choose their dogma. In the New Testament (matthew19-21), Jesus says to give to the poor, and similarly in mark 10:21. This is quite a socialist ideal, and to be honest that is where i think the power of christianity lies. In the US i think socialism is a dirty word, for the most part because people are so uneducated that they equate democratic socialism with stalinism/maoism. I find it abhorent that these evangelicals preach the word of this book, but also the holy creed of capitalism and each man for himself.
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    Here is a humorous spoof

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    We should have a war on Christmas, IMO. At least the over-commercialized over-hyped stuff we have these days. My parents were not very well-to-do (to put it mildly), but they made sure that each of us kids had a stocking with an apple, an orange, a pencil, and some other little "stuffer" if they could afford it. The presents were modest, and included gifts of socks, underwear, etc, but we were happy. Food and visits with relatives were treats. Actually, when I was a kid, I liked Thanksgiving better than Christmas because parts of the extended family would get together, and we'd have a feast with cousins that I rarely got to see.
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