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Homework Help: Riddle in a mono-alphabetic code

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    I have been given a question which consists of a riddle in a mono-alphabetic code - it is a question that is part of our crytography section. Now I have decoded the riddle. But I am not sure if I have solved the riddle.

    Here is the riddle I decoded:

    Now I didn't have to try hard to figure out a solution:

    One way to solve this question was just to count the number of heads. Since there are 11 heads, there must be 11 jungle animals. Therefore there are 7 horses, 11 riders, and 11 jungle animals.

    Another way was to say that there are 7 horses, 11 riders, 2 four-footed jungle animals, 1 two-footed animal, and an animal with no legs (Is that the unwarranted assumption? I don't know.)

    I can't think of any animals with no legs though. A snake perhaps? Or is a reptile considered an animal? A whale? I recall that whales are mammals. Would a mammal be considered an animal? And if it is a whale, what the heck would a whale be doing in a circus much less a small circus.

    Any way, comments on my solution would be appreciated.

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    Yesss, sssnakess are animalss!
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    You're spending way too much time in this forum Hurkyl. I think its time for a break.

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