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Ridiculous exercise devices

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    Not wanting to steal the Bow flex thread, I thought it might be fun to post your favorite and and or "most ridiculous exercise device". Late night infomercials have and endless supply of nearly worthless devices....and a few good ones.

    Gimme a break, is this one for real?

    How about, The Bean? wow incredible.

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    Never buy an exercise product advertised by someone who looks like a twig. :rofl:

    I like how it advertises that it does all the work for you. So you sit in a rocking recliner and...???? Kinda looks like it might be comfy for TV watching though. :biggrin:
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    At one place I worked, it became a big fad for all the programmers to sit on those giant Pilates balls. It looked pretty ridiculous, but they swore they were more comfortable than chairs for long sitting.
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    this one has to be the single greatest informercial ever made, it's not an exercise machine but it's also a health product. I wish they had the entire thing on youtube, because it's truly a masterpiece, I've seen the unedited 30 minute version on TV at least twice. If you ever catch it, grab some popcorn, sit on your bean, and enjoy:


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    Great links moe darklight.:rofl: I wonder how many cups of coffee I would need to make me talk that fast.

    Everyone feel free to post any product making outrageous claims.
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    haha, I know! I love that guy! the first time I saw it I thought it was an SNL skit or something. I couldn't believe it was for real... then it kept going and going and I realized I had finally stumbled upon the holy grail of infomercials.
    It's a shame they didn't post the entire thing, it goes on to promise you not only superhuman health and age reversal, but that you'll make millions of dollars and never again have to work a day in your life.
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    Then we have the "buy real estate with no money down" which began about 20 years ago and now has a number of infomercials by various self made millionaires.

    If they are millionaires why do they have to peddle their CD's in the middle of the night?

    More recently the "cash flow system" and "make money at home" infomercials have hit the scene.

    They all sound very convincing, but when it sounds too good to be true.............It ends up something like this.

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