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Ridiculous Lawsuits

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    I think only Lindsey Lohan recognized Lindsey Lohan in the commercial.
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    If they said 'crackaholic' I would think of Lohan, but other than that..

    [mumbles] talentless little .. . [/mumbles]
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    I pray every night that Miley Cyrus will not turn up like Lohan.
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    Eminem's mother was suing his son for $10 million for saying trash about her in his songs. She ended up winning like $1600 in damages.
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    Sounds like that the jury's way of saying that, compared to $10 million, she was trash. :tongue:
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    She was already somewhat scandalized when a photographer, who happened to be a lesbian I believe, took some rather provocative pictures of her not fully clothed for a modeling shoot.
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    I meant the whole burnt out drug addict look. And those pictures were niceeee
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    I was puzzled too about the lawsuits. First of all, she is a public figure, so her chance of winning such a suit would be minute. Second, there is no way she could show that they were singling her out. So I wondered what was the point, then it hit me. It's purely for the publicity. It's a cheap and easy way to get her name out front.

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    I saw the commercial and made no connection, of course, I only vaguely know who Lindsay Lohan is anyway from using TV Guide online. Some bimbo on tv? I don't watch American Idol, so I wouldn't know.
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    "Mean Girls" was actually a decent movie
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    I thought "Lindsey" in the commercial was the last little girl baby to appear in it. Milkaholic...addicted to milk, not crack. Sorry, it's just a desperate attempt by Lohan to get people to remember she exists. Nobody would have associated her with that commercial, because nobody even thinks about her.
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