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Riding on the Brane Train…

  1. Nov 20, 2009 #1

    My latest animation project has shown how big (or small) subatomic particles and strings are in relationship to each other and how much empty space exists in the quantum world. Now I need to move on to membranes and here there’s a practical problem.

    First I’ll show the ‘logical view’ the familiar brane stack… waving vertical sheets with a different world on each one. Then I’ll show the physical view of the brane… a very very thin and very very long ‘thing’ floating next to me saying that this is what the membrane really looks like. They I’ll say that everything we can see and interact with has the ends of its strings attached to the same membrane.

    At this point in the animation I will single out four strings: one in my eye; one in a wall 10 feet away, one in my pool, and one in the sun. Then I’ll show the long thin brane snaking around to each one so they can connect their ends to it. Then I point out that really everything has godzillions of strings and the brane will start to snake to everyone of them basically painting everything. Then I’ll say that’s ridiculous and make all of that vanish.

    Here’s where I need help. How exactly do string theorists see this working? My thought is that the ends of each string dangle into the 11th dimension and there in that dimension they find our brane. Inside the 11th dimension we see the long, thin brane and all the strings in our universe connecting to it but outside the 11th dimension we see our universe with strings were they should be and nothing snaking around to each one.

    But this is just a wild guess… help me out here.

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