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Riemann hypothesis

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    i am a high school student i want to prove the riemann hypothesis but i do not how to start:confused:
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    Start by studying mathematics of course!
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    matt grime

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    Don't worry, Hadi. Professional mathematicians have wanted to prove it for over a 100 years and arguably we don't know how to start either.

    If you want to start understanding the statement of the problem, then learning about complex analysis and number theory is the way to go. And probably going to university, doing 3/4 years of undergrad, a masters, and a PhD is the necessary thing to do. Unless you're independently wealthy and fantastically clever.
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    I have to agree to the statements above, the time of the Fermants is over.
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    Here is a proof to get you started:

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    well the url says:

    This paper has been withdrawn by the author, due to a mistake on page 29.

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    you might start by reading riemann's paper on the topic.
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