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Riemann Hypothesis

  1. Jul 5, 2008 #1
    I have a question concerning the Riemann Hypothesis, a conjecture about the distribution of zeros of the Riemann-zeta function. the trivial zeros (s=-2, s= -4, s=-6) arent much of a concern as the NON-trivial zeros, where any real part of the non-trivial zero is = 1/2.

    What i am having difficulty with is the discussion on the Critical line, (in a different forum) if anyone is seasoned with the reasoning behind the hypothesis your assistance will be greatly appreciated.

    *As with TRIllions other math enthusiasts, i will be attempting to unearth a proof of this hypothesis (someday :smile: )
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    Sorry about the original message, (i was too vague :smile: ), thanks. ill use these sites.
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