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Riemann Hypothesis

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    What is the Riemann Hypothesis? Where can I find good online literature upon the subject?:smile:
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    Use www.queryserver.com[/URL]

    when it comes up select "Web"

    Then type in Riemann Hypothesis

    You will probably want to set your home page to this site.
    It uses about 10 browsers at once and will get any information you
    want and some you wont want but it's the best browser I found for
    scattergun searches.
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    You can help verify Riemann's Hypothesis at http://www.zetagrid.net/ if you're that way inclined.
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    I noticed that link was similar to that famous Mersenne Prime number search.
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    Edit: I had to suppress some over-the-top ravings about Riemann and the zeta function and manifolds (differential geometry----I think he invented it)

    Here is what it says at the site Lonewolf linked us to.

    Why is Riemann's Hypothesis so important?

    The verification of Riemann's Hypothesis (formulated in 1859) is considered to be one of modern mathematic's most important problems. The last 140 years did not bring its proof, but a considerable number of important mathematical theorems which depend on the Hypothesis being true, e.g. the fastest known primality test of Miller.
    The Riemann zeta function is defined for Re(s)>1 by

    ζ(s) = Σ 1/ns

    and is extended to the rest of the complex plane (except for s=1) by analytic continuation.
    The Riemann Hypothesis asserts that all nontrivial zeros of the zeta function are on the critical line 1/2+it where t is a real number).
    -------------there's a lot more you can get at this site-------
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    Edit: I suppressed some further excess enthusiasm

    the original poster wanted "good online" literature about Riemann's hypothesis concerning the zeta function. does anybody know some. an essay about it? probably one of the mentors knows a page about zeta and prime numbers and suchlike lore.
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